News Live 365: June 2nd, 2020

Primary elections are taking place in Pennsylvania Today; the elections this year are a few weeks late due to the COVID-19 crisis and polling places may look a little bit different to accommodate public health and safety needs. Some areas may have changed the locations of your polling place and you can check your location at If you are voting at a new polling location for the first time in the state of Pennsylvania you must provide some form of identification, identification cards such as a photographic ID issued by the commonwealth or federal government like Pennsylvania driver’s license, student ID, passport, or military ID are the best forms of identification. Pennsylvania Residents without a photo ID may also provide their voter registration card and a utility bill with their address, or a recent paycheck or bank statement.  Polls are open for 13 hours from 7AM to 8PM, if you are voting by mail-in or absentee then your ballot must arrive at your county election office by 8PM tonight to be counted.