News Live 365: May 27th, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Wolf, has extended the term of all licenses to carry firearms that expired after March 16th until the end of July. This is the second extension of the licenses; the original was set to end this Saturday. This second extension was deemed necessary because of the ongoing closure of some county courthouses due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


It was a busy day in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives yesterday. The house passed two urgent bills yesterday, including a temporary state budget, and a pay freeze for all elected officials holding state office. Due to the current circumstances a full 12 month budget is considered too hard to predict because of finances, so instead a 5 month, $8 billion temporary budget was approved to start on July 1st. The pay freeze will cancel the annual cost of living adjustments for all state lawmakers and senior members of the executive branch and judiciary for the year 2020.