News Live 365: Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Edinboro University has confirmed that they have sent out diplomas, certificates, and tassels to 626 graduates this month. The class of 2020 has been awarded a total of 490 undergraduate degrees and 136 post graduate degrees. The university confirmed in an email press release that they have plans to hold a real graduation ceremony in the fall.


For the first time in more than a decade Triple-A has no statistics on how many Pennsylvanians will be hitting the road to travel for Memorial Day, but it’s certainly much less traffic than normal. Triple-A does report that this Memorial Day’s gas prices are the lowest in 20 years, sitting at prices comparable to the year 2,000, but that this Memorial Day will likely see record low volumes of traffic.


The Pennsylvania State Police are treating this Memorial Day Weekend as normal and will increase road patrols to protect residents, enforce speed limits, and watch for signs of DUI drivers. The Pennsylvania State Police are also reminding us that they are executing “click it or ticket” enforcement through June the 14th.