News Live 365: May 21st, 2020

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health is making changes to the way they are reporting data on their website. is now providing statistics on COVID-19 infections and casualties based on age, ethnicity, and gender and is also releasing specific data about long term care facilities like nursing homes. The Department of Health has detected 64,412 cases of COVID-19 since March 16th. The disease is listed as the cause of death in 4,767 Pennsylvanians and the statistics tracking website worldometer estimates 6,856 residents have recovered.


On Tuesday the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, announced that a multi state lawsuit against Santander Consumer USA Inc. ended with a $550 million settlement. About $14.7 million of that settlement belongs to Pennsylvanians in the form of debt cancellation and cash restitution. The settlement resolves a case in which 34 separate states accused Santander of violating consumer protection laws by practicing the same kind of subprime lending schemes that are widely blamed as a major instigating factor in the great recession of 2008.