News Live 365: May 12th, 2020

When faced with the possibility of some Pennsylvania counties taking steps to head into the Yellow Phase of reopening before the state says so, Governor Tom Wolf warned that there would be consequences. He warned counties that reopen early would lose eligibility for any discriminatory funds from the federal government and that businesses that followed suit could face dire legal consequences as well. Opening early could result in the loss of liability insurance coverage for a business, it also may result in the loss of certificates of occupancy, health department certificates, and liquor licenses. In response republican Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman said he would reintroduce a bill that would provide for counties to make their own determination for when to reopen.


Another State Senator is calling for another member of the Governor’s Cabinet to be removed from their job. At a recent Reopen PA rally in Harrisburg Sen. Doug Mastriano called for Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine to step down due to the spread of COVID-19 in nursing homes. Dr. Levine recently dispatched personnel from the National Guard to Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Beaver County where over 70 deaths have resulted from at least 300 infections.