News Live 365: May 11th, 2020

Several Republican Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have filed a lawsuit against Governor Tom Wolf alleging that he has acted in an unconstitutional manner in regards to businesses while using emergency powers to combat COVID-19. Congressman Mike Kelly, and State Reps Tim Bonner, Daryl Metcalfe, and Marci Mustello are the most prominent names on a list that includes officials from several Southwestern Pennsylvania Counties. The suite was filed in the United States District Court in Pittsburgh on Thursday. During his address on Friday Governor Wolf did not talk about the lawsuit, but he did announce 13 more counties which will be allowed to move into the yellow aggressive mitigation phase this coming Friday, most of them in the southwestern part of the state.

Some state representatives are starting to open their offices up to walk in service once more. For example Kathy Rapp has reopened her Titusville and Warren area offices for normal business hours beginning today.

Total confirmed COVID-19 Infections in the state of Pennsylvania were reported at 56,611 on Sunday May 10th, with 3,707 deaths; statistic tracking website WorldOmeter estimates that 1,100 people have recovered.