News Live 365: April 29th, 2020

The City of Franklin Police Department has released a bulletin warning people that their non emergency telephone number has been showing up in people’s caller IDs as one of many being used by scammers equipped with a number spoofer. The scammers claim they are from the Social Security Administration and attempt to get potential victims to send them gift cards while claiming there is a warrant for their arrest unless they pay a fine. Franklin PD urges you to use caution, verify the information of callers, and not give out any personal information to these types of callers, and that the Social Security Administration does not levy any fines nor call about any money owed.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has recognized two confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 in Erie County. The first was reported last week and made public by Erie County Executive Kathy Dalkemper in her daily address, the second was revealed by her on Monday. The two fatal cases of the disease bring the total for the local area to four deaths while the statewide total topped 1,700 yesterday.