News Live 365: April 24rd, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf revealed his plan to get Pennsylvania back to work and a place where things can resemble more or less life as normal during the Daily Statewide Press Conference on Wednesday. Beginning on the 8th of March Governor Wolf’s plan will begin rating regions by color depending on the number of COVID-19 cases per population, with different colors representing different levels of caution. Red zones, which the entire state is currently considered, will be under stay at home advisories, social gatherings are to be kept to less than 10 individuals, and only life sustaining businesses should be open. Yellow Phased zones must continue telework where feasible and businesses with in person operations and child care facilities need to abide by business and building safety orders, social gatherings are limited to no more than 25 people, and indoor recreation facilities remain closed. In Green Phased zones social distancing is still being mandated in public spaces and in person businesses need to abide by the business and building safety orders. Northwest Pennsylvania is one of the regions expected to be in the Yellow phase after March 8th. Find more more information at