News Live 365: April 23rd, 2020

The City of Franklin has filed a notice that they intend to file a request for the release of funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Housing and Community Development which total nearly $70,000. The money comes from grants that were approved for the city in 2018 and 2019 to assist the town with the destruction of abandoned, blighted, properties. A public comment period about this notice will now run until the 29th of April with the city intending to file the request by Friday April 30th barring any serious objections. More info is available at

About 1.5 million Pennsylvania residents are without a job right now because of COVID-19 related layoffs and a significant portion of those do not have any access to their health insurance policies. If you are an individual or family who has lost insurance coverage due to unemployment you can apply for policies right now on the federal insurance exchange at Unemployment is one of the life events that allow a special enrollment period for health insurance policies.