News Live 365: April 20th, 2020

The first confirmed COVID-19 death in Northwest Pennsylvania happened early Saturday morning at Clarion Hospital. Hospital officials alerted the media just before 8AM on Saturday morning that one of their patients passed as a result of infection with the SARS CoV 2 virus; the patient’s personal details were withheld to respect their and their family’s privacy. They are one of the 1,237 victims of the disease since March 6th.


The rate of infection in Pennsylvania is slowing, but beginning last night workers at essential jobs who deal with the public are required to wear face masks for the protection of themselves and their customers as per Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine. Customers are also required to wear masks within grocery stores and any business with a posted sign informing them they should – failure to comply can lead to them being banned from shopping for the day.


Some of Pennsylvania’s Fine Wines and Good Spirits stores are opening up under reduced hours today for curbside pickup only. Operating hours are from 9AM to 1 PM and curbside pickup orders will be limited to one order of no more than six bottles. Only one order will be accepted per caller, per store, per day. Callers will be guided by store staff through products available to purchase at each location. Payment by credit card will be required by phone, and all curbside pickup sales are final. A rundown of the entire policy and a list of which stores are open for business can be found in a pdf file on the Liquor Control Board’s website.