News Live 365: April 17th, 2020

While many Pennsylvanian’s have already received stimulus payments, many others are still waiting. Authorities are warning about scams related to coronavirus related financial relief that are targeting people’s stimulus checks and bank accounts. Scammers will claim to know how to get more aid from secret government programs or claim they need more information before they can release a victim’s stimulus checks in an attempt to get personal information like bank account numbers. 


Earlier this month Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro launched an initiative known as PA CARE Package under the umbrella of the Consumer Protection Bureau. CARE Package is an initiative designed to get banks and financial institutions to voluntarily offer expanded benefits beyond the ones stipulated in the CARE Act passed by the Federal Government. So far 10 of Pennsylvania’s financial institutions, including PNC and Bank of America, have joined the initiative to promise things like a three month grace period on fees and loans. Find at more at