News Live 365: April 7th, 2020

Today we’re focusing on some local stories that demonstrate how Northwest PA is contributing to the fight against COVID-19 that have flown under the RADAR .


The company Matric Group is using its 3D printers at its Matric Limited facility located in Seneca to print pieces of personal protective gear which they plan to donate to hospitals in an effort to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 infections. The first batch of PPE is to be shipped to New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Matric Group designs and produces circuit boards for medical equipment.


A native of Edinboro is one of the PhD Doctors working on a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine at Duke University. Dr. David Montefiori graduated from Strong Vincent High School and Edinboro University and is working to see if potential vaccine formulas are teaching immune systems to produce the right antibodies which would neutralize the virus when it infects a body. A more in depth description of his work can be found on Edinboro University’s website and social media pages.