News Live 365: March 13th, 2020

The City of Meadville withdrew permits for its two biggest Saint Patrick’s Day events yesterday. Meadville’s City manager Andy Walker formally cancelled the permits for tomorrow’s St, Patrick’s Day Parade and Judith’s Jig events after reviewing CDC recommendations about preventing the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus and exercising an abundance of caution. St. Patrick’s day events and gatherings have been cancelled or delayed across the whole United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf has recommended the cancellation of all public events which will attract more than 250 people and Pennsylvania’s Capitol Building has been closed to the public for the next two weeks, but the State Legislature will still be holding sessions and meetings. In Montgomery County, where nearly ⅔ of all possible and confirmed cases of COVID-19 are documented, PennDOT has temporarily closed all of its Driver’s License Photo Centers and authorities have ordered the closure of schools and day care centers, community centers, gyms and entertainment venues for the next two weeks. Pennsylvania’s Department of Health has performed 219 tests which have only confirmed 2 cases of COVID-19 with another 20 presumptive cases being watched closely.