News Live 365: March 2nd, 2020

29 year old Michael Smith of Elyria OH was remitted to Crawford County Jail after allegedly fighting with hotel guests, state troopers, and staff at Meadville Medical Center. Shortly before midnight on Saturday February 29th State Police Officers based in Meadville arrived at a hotel on the Conneaut Lake Road in response to a call about a fight. Smith had been one of the belligerents and became combative with the officers; allegedly kicking one in the face. He was taken to Meadville Medical Center for a medical evaluation where authorities say he also fought with and attacked medical staff. Smith now faces multiple charges of assault and resisting arrest.

In state news an Allegheny County Woman named Rena Schleehauf has been arrested for the theft of about half a million dollars worth of the opioid overdose drug Suboxone from her employer over a three year period. Schleehauf used her position as a fill technician in a pharmacy supply company to order the drug, which she would then take out of the inventory and bring home.