News Live 365: February 26th, 2020

Two young men named Dustin and Gregory McFadden have been arrested and charged in relation to stealing from multiple vehicles in Mercer County. The two allegedly broke into seven vehicles over a 10 day period and stole more than $5,000 worth of property, including at least one firearm that was recovered after the arrests were made.

The Pennsylvania State Police in Venango County will be stepping up their efforts to enforce DUI laws in the upcoming month of March. State troopers will be setting up DUI sobriety checkpoints throughout the month as well as increasing the number of roving patrols.

In state news woman named Nicole Caldwater has been convicted of murdering her own grandmother. Caldwater faces between 12 and 25 years in prison for the killing of her grandmother whom she said was a “wretched, evil woman’ when she confessed to police about the crime. Caldwater’s lawyers are arguing that she suffers from several mental illnesses and should receive leniency during sentencing. 

PennDOT has announced that the team from Collegiate Academy of Erie County are the winners of the District 1 innovations challenge for 2020 and will go on to compete against students from around the rest of Pennsylvania. PennDOT’s innovation challenge encourages school students to try their hand at tackling some of the more difficult issues faced by the transportation authority in the commonwealth. Collegiate Academy’s team is two girls LaceyJo Hunter and Destiny Chrome who created an application named Litter Bug, a voice activated application that can record people littering along roads and highways and send the footage to authorities.