News Live 365: February 13th, 2020

State Police based in Corry are still investigating the validity of a letter making an anonymous threat against Union City School District. The letter was found on one of the school’s printers shortly after classes began on Tuesday morning. If you might know anything about this letter please call (814)663-2043.

In both a state and local news story Governor Tom Wolf has vetoed a bill that would have kept the Polk and Whitehaven centers open a little bit longer. Senate Bill 906 would have kept the intermediate care facility at Polk State Center open for a minimum of five more years while exploring if closure was really the best option. State Representative Lee James of Venango and Butler Counties criticized the Governor’s decision in a press release coming out shortly after the veto was finalized. In that statement he indicated his support for attempting a veto override, or even filing a lawsuit against the State to keep the centers open.
In his own statement at the time of the veto, Governor Wolf wrote that he agrees with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services findings that closing state centers in favor of community care provides better patient outcomes.

The Sugarcreek Boro Police Department is asking people to please check if a door knocker has a solicitation permit before calling the police. All door to door sales persons in the area are required to carry a permit and display it upon request. If they do not or cannot provide a permit please lock your door and call the police with a description of the person and their vehicle.