News Live 365: February 5th, 2020

Child Slain in Accident

A 4 year old child from Springboro was killed by injuries sustained from a tragic accident Tuesday evening. Authorities from Crawford County report that the young boy was behind an SUV as it backed out of a driveway and was struck by an unwitting driver. Personnel from Springboro and Conneaut Lake Volunteer Fire Departments rushed the child to Meadville Medical Center but he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at their facility.


Wolf’s 2020 Budget Address

A few hours before the President’s State of the Union Address, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf gave the traditional budget address to a joint session of Pennsylvania’s House and Senate. Governor Wolf’s $36 billion budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021 seeks to maintain funding at current levels for most of the state government while increasing spending on the environment, education, workforce development, public safety, and infrastructure. Budget hawks in the assembly criticized the budget for growing too big too fast; local republican state rep Brad Roae called the proposed increases unaffordable and excessive and said they were almost twice the rate of inflation.


Man Escapes Rollover Crash

A 59 year old Rimersburg man managed to escape from a rollover crash with only some minor injuries. Investigators say Donald Wright rolled his Ford Ranger on Mcnaughton Road at about 8:00PM while traveling through Madison Township.


Erie Man Assaults 60 year old Women

Adam Chrzanowski of Erie is facing criminal charges for an assault on two older women. The 27 year old is accused of pushing and striking two women in their late fifties and causing obvious bruising and welts. Charges related to the Assault were filed through the Magisterial Court system.


No Coronavirus in PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has been keeping a close eye on Coronavirus outbreaks across the United States and so far there have been no cases reported in the commonwealth. PA Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine says the most important thing to remember is that if you or a family member have not traveled to China in the last few weeks, you are not at risk for contracting the Coronavirus.