A former Pulaski Township man is wanted on child pornography charges. According to the New Castle News 39 year old Larry Osgatharp of Washington Indiana is wanted by authorities in Lawrence County on 144 counts of child pornography after  an investigation of an external hard drive. The images show young girls between the ages of four and ten being sexually assaulted. A woman who once lived with Osgatharp turned the hard drive over to police. The investigation is ongoing.

A man is not seriously injured after being struck by a car this week in Butler Township.  It happened along Acre Avenue Tuesday evening when the man walking along the side of the road was struck by an oncoming vehicle.  There’s no word if any charges will be filed against the driver.

State police are continuing to search for an inmate who escaped custody on his way back to prison.  Travis Brandt was visiting family this week when he got away from the prison officials transporting him back to jail.  Brandy was last seen in the Hermitage area.  Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact state police in Mercer.

The New Castle News is reporting that a man has been arrested after a search of his home found drugs and a gun. Nathan Stokes is charged with possession and possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance. Members of the Lawrence County Drug task force with the help of the county’s critical response team found more than 42 grams of heroin. Stokes was arraigned and placed in the Lawrence County Jail on bond.

A Patterson Township man is charged with simple and aggravated assault and child endangerment after he assaulted his step-daughter. According to the Ellwood City Ledger 42 year old Timothy Paul Smith got into an argument with his step-daughter, , at about 8 p.m. on Jan. 12th. Smith slammed the girl’s head against a wall and threw her down the stairs. Smith was released from the Beaver County Jail after posting a 25 thousand dollars bond.

Public school cafeterias will benefit from the latest round of state funding. The PA Department of Education is allocating a total of 925 thousand dollars, which will be shared by72 schools in 28 counties. The funds are made available through the U.S. Department of Agricultureand is awarded to schools which participate in the National School Lunch Program and have 50percent or more of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals. The money will be used forvarious projects, including new appliances, and power upgrades for both hot and cold meals.Individual grants range from 29 hundred to more than 58 thousand dollars.

Officials in Allegheny County are preparing for a potential coronavirus outbreak.  Health department officials say they have procedures in place should the deadly virus pop up in Western P-A.  Coronavirus has killed 132 people in China and, so far, there are five confirmed cases in the U-S.  There are two suspected cases at Miami of Ohio University and another possible case in Philadelphia.

It was a near miss in space over Pittsburgh when two satellites came close to colliding.  It is reported a space telescope and an experimental U-S satellite were headed toward each other at 33-thousand miles per hour Wednesday and were feared to come within 150 feet of colliding.  Should they have hit, it was believed the collision would have created ten-thousand pieces bigger than four inches and 12-thousand smaller pieces.

The kindergarten teacher responsible for a science experiment that left a five-year-old with severe burns is off the job.  W-P-X-I T-V reports the King Pre-K-To Eighth school teacher resigned Wednesday.  The school district has not identified that teacher publicly, but did say they conducted an investigation into the incident involving boiling water.