News Live 365: January 29th, 2019

Youngsville Man Maims Dog, Steals Car

38 year old Brandon Kramrich of Youngsville has been arrested and charged for the animal cruelty as well as theft of a motor vehicle. Police say that after an argument with two women at a home on Sulfer Springs Road he attacked and badly mangled a dog belonging to one of the women, rendering it permanently blind. They also say he stole the other woman’s car to flee the scene, but was caught not long after.


Alleged DUI Crash Injures Conneautville Man

A Conneautville man was hospitalized after a collision with an alleged DUI driver on South Norrisville Road in Crawford County’s Summit Township. Crash scene investigators say 20 year old Zachary Miller of Conneautville was inhibited by drugs or alcohol when he collided with Brandon Babin, also of Conneautville, and that the latter individual had to be taken by ambulance to an Erie Hospital for injuries.


Overwhelming Senate Support of Deana’s Law

The Pennsylvania State Senate voted 43 to 6 in favor of the passage of new anti DUI legislation known as Deana’s Law. Deana’s Law is named after a woman who was killed by a drunk driver with five prior offenses, and would create new penalties for serial DUI offenders. The bill will now go for approval by the house.