News Live 365: January 23rd, 2020

Jane Doe’s Body Identified as Joy Bartlett

Authorities in Erie County have discovered the identity of a Jane Doe found deceased  in Presqe Isle State Park last December. By using dental records the Erie County Coroner and the Pennsylvania State Police identified Jane Doe as 72 year old Joy Bartlett of Erie. The State Police are still investigating where Joy was last seen and how she ended up by Marina Lake on December 28th. Anyone who might have information is asked to please call the Erie State Police at (814)898-1641.


Attempted Break in at National Guard Armory

The State Police in Meadville are investigating an attempted break in at the National Guard Armory near Cambridge Springs.  An unknown actor attempted to break in on the night of last Thursday, January 16th but failed to gain entry. Anyone who has information should call the Meadville State Police at (814)332-6911.


Stolen/Missing Gun in Warren County

In Warren County state troopers are on the lookout for a gun that was lost or stolen from the victim’s truck. The weapon is an Italian made stainless steel a 9MM pistol with black grip. Please call (814)728-3600 if you know of this weapon.