News Live 365: January 22nd, 2020

The State Police based in Franklin have announced charges against 62 year old John Tobin after investigating a crash he was in on New Year’s Eve. The investigators say that Tobin was very heavily under the influence of alcohol when he allegedly drove straight off the side of Horse Creek Road in Cranberry Township and drove through a front yard, collided with a pavilion, then drove through another yard, back on to Horse Creek Road, and finally collided with a tree a little ways farther down the road. Tobin was injured, and his car disabled by the second collision. The Pennsylvania State Police are listing 17 charges on two separate reports for this incident.

In Erie County authorities are reporting the theft of three motor vehicles from a car dealership near the town of Corry at an undetermined date between mid December and early January. Thieves made off with a red in color 2013 Ford F-350 pickup truck with a chrome grill and extended cab, a silver 2009 Toyota Tacoma with a cap over the bed, and a white Chevrolet G20 utility van with a roof rack. They also stole tires and rims off of a Ford Fusion. Anyone who may have information is asked to call the Corry State Police at (814)663-2043.

A Sligo couple in their mid fifties was both arraigned on charges of simple assault and harassment after a knock down drag out brawl in their home on Huckleberry Ridge. Brian Cox and Laura Anthony, both 56, began fighting after an argument devolved into a breakup, and then into a fight. Authorities say that both combatants were covered in cuts and bruises.

A juvenile male who was carrying a firearm was arrested by Franklin State Troopers after crashing a vehicle near a lumber store in Sugar Creek. The Pennsylvania State Police are withholding the age and identity of the young man who was arrested on Allegheny Boulevard while in possession of a weapon and remitted to a juvenile detention center.

A former top Major League Baseball draft pick and resident of Pennsylvania has been sentenced for leaving his pet dog to die of starvation. Shawn Abner, who played major league ball in the late 80’s and early 90’s, was sentenced to up to 23 months in jail after pleading guilty to leaving his 14 year old Husky to starve to death in his home.