News Live 365: January 13th, 2020

All Men from Pleasantville Home Arrested for Domestic Abuse

The husband and both sons of a Pleasantville woman were all arrested on Friday for assaulting her. The Franklin State Police report that it’s alleged the 53 year old woman was punched in the face by her 15 year old son when she tried to discipline him for bad behavior and that her 30 year old son, and 52 year old husband both attacked her a day later. The juvenile son was placed in a home for boys while her elder son and husband were taken to Venango County Jail.

Grove City Hospital Joins Allegheny Health Network

Grove City Medical Center has finalized an association agreement to make it an official part of the Allegheny Health Network. As part of the deal the newly re-branded AHN Grove City will see investments of nearly $40 million to upgrade the hospital’s equipment and infrastructure and a $30 million endowment will be made to found a brand new Grove City Health Care Foundation that will run local health and wellness initiatives.


Net Neutrality Laws for PA?

Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party is working on the creation of the commonwealth’s own net neutrality legislation. Currently a three bill package is being discussed that seeks equal access for all online content, to give the PA Public Utilities Commission regulatory power over internet providers, and to make paid prioritization of internet content illegal.