News Live 365: January 9th, 2019

PennDOT Begins Testing Work Zone Speed Enforcement on Turnpike

On the Pennsylvania Turnpike, PennDOT is testing a new pre-enforcement policy for work zone speed limits. Equipment on some PennDOT vehicles will record the speeds of people driving through work zones and flag the ones driving a certain amount over the posted limits. During this testing phase no fines or warnings will be issued for drivers, but by March 4th speeding drivers in work zones could be assessed a civil penalty that does not put points on their license.


PA Health Department Seeks More Registered Organ Donors

Pennsylvania’s Department of Health says somewhat less than half of all qualified organ donors in the commonwealth are registered and wants to encourage more people to sign on. A typical organ donor can save up to eight other people’s lives after their death. Discuss your decisions about organ donation with your family, and if you wish to change your organ donor status you can do so when updating your driver’s license or state ID card or by simply visiting