News Live 365: January 2nd, 2019

News Year’s Even Break-In Thwarted

A Meadville man was arrested on New Year’s Eve while allegedly attempting to break into his ex girlfriend’s apartment. A State Police Trooper responding to a call from a friend of the victim discovered 40 year old Jason Costelink in the garage of his ex’s apartment building in Crawford County’s East Mead Township. The arresting officer says Costelink was in possession of a substance suspected to be marijuana and had a bench warrant for Felony Assault.


PA House Approves Expungement of Certain Criminal Records

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently approved a bill that would automatically expunge the arrest records of anyone pardoned or acquitted of a crime. Supporters of the bill say this will prevent innocent people who were mistakenly arrested from facing future problems finding housing or employment.


Award Offered for Failed Firebomber

A reward has been offered for information that leads to the arrest of an individual who attempted to burn down the Adam’s County Courthouse in Gettysburg. Surveillance footage shows an individual in a hooded sweatshirt throwing an incendiary device toward the courthouse on Sunday December 22nd, but the device failed to ignite.