News Live 365: December 18th, 2019

Man Holds Family at Gun Point

In Clarion County, a 60 year old man named Craig McClintock of Fisher Pennsylvania is charged with terroristic threats, harassment, assault, and more. McClintock allegedly threatened 67 year old Martha Walters and her 41 year old son Blaise of Sigel at gunpoint in their own home, and then fired at least one round into the ceiling of the kitchen. The Pennsylvania State Police have released no other details.


PA House and Senate Move to Protect Polk Center

In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania House Health Committee voted on a bill to create a moratorium on the closing of Polk Center. Senate Bill 906 is designed to prevent or delay the closure of Polk Center and White Haven State Center and was passed by the Senate in November. SB 906 was approved by the Health Committee yesterday and it will go before the full house for consideration.


Violent Crime Sees Major 20 Year Decline

According to statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, violent crimes have taken a steep dive in Pennsylvania since the 1990’s. As a point of fact most violent crimes have seen a decrease of about 45% over the last 20 years. However, murder and rape have seen a slight increase in recent years, which follows national trends.