News Live 365: December 11th, 2019

Police Investigating Assault on Allegheny Campus

The City of Meadville Police Department is investigating an assault against a female student on the Campus of Allegheny College. The unknown attacker was male and ambushed the student in the residence area known as Ravine Hall at about 3:30AM on Tuesday December 10th. The only description of the attacker is that he had light brown skin.


Parke Wentling to Chair JLCC

A local State Representative has been unanimously selected as chairman of a major committee within the State House. It was announced yesterday that Parke Wentling who represents parts of Erie, Crawford, and Mercer Counties was selected to become chairman of the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee, or JLCC.


Be Wary of Unregistered and Fake Charities

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania wants to remind everyone to be wary of fake or unregistered charities this holiday season. Before you open your pocket books to make a donation to an organization or cause you’ve never heard of, you can check whether you are donating to a registered charitable organization at


Super Load Travels Through Clarion County

The super loaded truck convoy and its escort vehicles will be traveling through Clarion County and into Forest County, passing near the town of Fryburg. Today’s route will follow Route 36 in Clarion County, as well as Route 66 in Clarion and Forest counties. The convoy travels at a top speed of only 15 miles per hour and is accompanied by road flaggers from PennDOT and State Police Troopers.