News Live 365: December 10th, 2019

Police Discover Explosive in Franklin

While searching for a wanted person, police officers in the city of Franklin arrested Tyler Howard after discovering what they called a homemade explosive device in his apartment. The device and a package containing drugs were discovered after Howard allowed officers in to search for a suspect in a different crime. The Erie County Bomb Squad took the device away and estimated it was about equivalent to a stick of dynamite.


Combine Tractor Breaks Utility Pole in Blooming Valley

Portions of Blooming Valley in Crawford County’s Richmond Township were without power for a short time on Sunday when a piece of farm equipment tore down a utility pole. A John Deere combine was entangled in a low hanging phone line and couldn’t stop in time to avoid breaking a utility pole. Nobody was injured.


Super Load Moves through Pleasantville

PennDOT reports that a convoy bearing a super load is currently traveling through Venango County. Slowed down by a combination of the weather and a mechanical issue, the convoy has made up some time will be finishing its trip along Route 27 into Pleasantville and then moving along Route 36.


Man Flees Crash and is Charged with DUI

An unnamed 52 year old Spring Creek Man was arrested and charged with DUI after fleeing a crash in Warren County’s Columbus Township. Authorities say the man continued driving for about a mile along Route 426 after colliding with an embankment and then left his Chrysler 200 sitting in the middle of Northbound Lane as he fled on foot.


Man Caught Trespassing with Gun and Drugs

James McCoy of Knox was arrested in Beaver Township, Clarion County, and charged with drug possession and illegally possessing a firearm. The 61 year old was initially picked up for trespassing and found to be carrying marijuana and a loaded gun, which was prohibited due to a history of criminal conviction.


Record Black Bear Hunt in PA

Pennsylvania’s Game Commission has reported a record breaking black bear hunt for 2019. According to the commission Pennsylvania bear hunters have taken at least 200 more animals than the previous record set in 2011. Bear hunting continues through Saturday in some parts of the state.