News Live 365: December 5th, 2019

Superloaded Truck To Pass Through Region

PennDOT wishes to alert the public that a convoy will be transporting a super load from Erie to the city of Lock Haven. The convoy will travel through Erie, Crawford, Venango, Clarion, and Forest Counties along multiple highways on its way to Clinton County. It will significantly impact traffic over the next few days and travel at a top speed of only 15 miles per hour. Motorists traveling the roadways should be alert to flaggers, signs, and state police troopers escorting this super sized load as it makes it way across the state.
The superload will travel along the following route:

County Road Distance in Miles
Erie County    
  Port of Erie—Port Access Rd 0.8
  SR 4034—E Bayfront Parkway Super load will crossover multiple times to maneuver around traffic signal arms 0.9
  SR 5 East (E 12th St) 1.6
  SR 5 East (Franklin St) 0.5
  SR 5 West (Lake Rd) Counterflow movement, traveling east on 5 W 0.9
  SR 955 East (Iroquois Ave) 1.6
  Walbridge Rd 0.3
  SR 20 West (Buffalo Rd) Bypass intersection with Nagle Road via Kmart parking lot 0.8
  Nagle Rd 0.9
  SR 430 East (Station Rd) 1.3
County Road Distance in Miles
Erie County    
  SR 430 East/SR 290 East Counterflow movement on SR 290 East on-ramp then crossover median 8.2
  SR 89 South (Beaver Dam Rd) 6.6
  SR 89 S/SR 8 S (Waterford Rd) 2.1
  SR 8 South (Waterford Rd/Smiley Hill Rd/Main St) 8.4
  SR 8 South (Main St, Spring St) 8.2
Crawford County    
  SR 77 West 8.9
  SR 408 East 8.5
  SR 428 South (Troy Center Rd) 4.5
Venango County    
  SR 27 East (Meadville Rd, Central Ave.)) 6.5
  SR 27 West (Central Ave) Counterflow movement, traveling east on 27 West 0.5
  SR 27 East (Central Ave, Main St., Titusville Rd) 4.7
Crawford County    
  SR 27 East (State Street) 0.7
Venango County    
  SR 36 South (State St, Tionesta Rd, Col Drake Hwy) 9.6
Forest County    
  SR 62 South 14.8
Venango County SR 157 East (Fryburg Rd) 13.6
Clarion County SR 208 East 5.0
  SR 36 South (Col Drake Hwy) 3.0
  SR 36 South (Col Drake Hwy) 1.3
County Road Distance in Miles
Forest County    
  SR 66 North 27.8



County Road Distance in Miles
Elk County    
  SR 948 South 15.2
  SR 948 South (Main St) 0.5
  SR 948 South/SR 219 South (Buffalo Pittsburgh Hwy, Boot Jack Rd 3.9
  SR 219 South to SR 153 South. Portion of SR 153 is in Elk County and continues into Clearfield County 7.9
Clearfield County    
  SR 153 South 18.8
  SR 153 South/Sr 322 East (28th Division Hwy) 6.4
  SR 153 South/SR 322 East (Bridge St., Bigler Ave.) 1.5
  SR 879 West off-ramp Counterflow movement on the WB off-ramp to SR 879 East 0.2
  SR 879 Crossover multiple times to maneuver around traffic signal arms 1.3
  I-80 (Exit 120-123) 3.3
  SR 970 South 1.4
  SR 322 East to Philipsburg Counterflow on westbound off-ramp to Route 322 East at Woodland intersection 10.4
Centre County    
  SR 322 East 6.9
  SR 322 West Counterflow movement, traveling east until beyond Dynamic Message Sign 4.0
  SR 322 East Crossover median at Blazosky Road 0.3
  SR 322 East Exit ramp/N High St/Sr 3042 1.4
  SR 3040 North/SR 220 Alt 2.8
  SR 3040 North/SR 220 Alt 14.0
County Road Distance in Miles
Centre County    
  Ramp off, cross over SR 144, ramp back to SR 3040 North/Sr 220 Alt 1.2
  I-80 East (Exit 158—Mile-marker 170.3) 12.3
Clinton County    
  I-80 East (Mile-marker 170.3 –mile-marker 187) 16.7
  I-80 Crossover  
  I-80 West (to Exit 178) 9.6
  I-80 West Exit 178 off-ramp 0.3
  SR 220 North 0.5
  SR 220 Mackeyville exit, cross over at Auction Rd, ramp back up to SR 220 North 0.5
  SR 220 North 1.9
  SR 220 North Exit 107 0.1
  SR 477 West (Long Run Rd) 0.3
  SR 64 North (Nittany Valley Dr/Water St) 1.9
  SR 150 North (Eagle Valley Rd) 0.4
  SR 2015 (Mill Hall Rd) Counterflow movement, traveling south 0.3
  SR 220 South exit 109 off-ramp Counterflow movement on SR 220, traveling north 2.4
  SR 220 South exit 111 on-ramp, continue SR 2012 East/SR 120 East Counterflow movement on SR 120, traveling west 0.4
  SR 120 East on-ramp (from Walnut Street) Counterflow movement on SR 120, traveling west 0.3
  Walnut Street 0.2
  Park Street 0.8
  First Quality Tissue Entrance  


State Rep Charged with Theft from Non-Profit

In State News: Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed charges against a member of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives. Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell has been charged with theft, perjury, tampering, and other crimes. It’s alleged that she stole more than half a million dollars from a non-profit organization, which she operated, named Motivations Education & Consultation Associates (MECA) and then used that money for personal expenses. Movita Johnson-Harrell made headlines earlier this year when she was the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly during a special election in March, replacing Vanessa Brown after she was convicted of corruption and bribery. Movita Johnson-Harrell has resigned from office.