News Live 365: November 22nd, 2019

Copper Thief Caught by Authorities

The City of Franklin Police Department reports the arrest of 39 year old Michael Kopnitsky II for the theft of copper grounding wire from utility poles around the city. Kopnitsky was allegedly found with wire clippers, the stolen copper wire, and an unidentified controlled substance on his person. Kopnitsky has been the suspect in several thefts around Franklin.


PA Legislature Passes Major Sexual Assault Bills

Three key sexual assault bills were passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly yesterday, and await Governor Tom Wolf’s Signature in Harrisburg. The first two deal with childhood sexual assaults specifically; the first of these bills extends the amount of time a victim of sexual abuse as a child can confront their abuser and take legal action as an adult, and the second would exempt victims of sexual assault from any prohibitions against talking to law enforcement if they signed a nondisclosure agreement. The third bill was authored by Representative Ted Nesbit of Mercer and Butler Counties and codifies sexual extortion as a crime under PA law.