News Live 365: November 19th, 2019

Teen Girl Leads Titusville Police on Chase to Rouseville

A 14 year old girl was arrested by police officers after leading them on a miles long chase in a stolen car that looped twice through Titusville and then into Rouseville. The chase started shortly before 1AM Friday morning when TPD officers tried to initiate a traffic stop against a Ford Expedition that fled rather than pull over. The chase initially travelled north along route 8 and then was reversed after a few turns to return to Titusville. While back in town TPD managed to trap the driver in a grocery store parking lot but they escaped by ramping over the parking blocks and then lead police into Venango County toward Rouseville. The SUV was finally stopped by a spike strip placed by Franklin State Police and ended in Rouseville.


PA Governor Calls for Parole Reform

Governor Tom Wolf has called for a reformation of the probation process in Pennsylvania. According to Governor Wolf probation is designed to provide stability in the lives of former prisoners but because of excessive rules and terms it too often ends with them returning to incarceration. About 3% of adults in Pennsylvania are on probation.


Deer Causes Crash that Hospitalizes Three

A collision with a deer on Interstate 79 caused a two car crash that hospitalized three people. Just before midnight Saturday night two women and one man were sent to Meadville Medical Center under suspicion of injury when a deer ran into the Northbound lane of I-79 in Cussewago Township, Crawford County and caused two cars to collide.


Woman Charged for Temper Tantrum

54 year old Dawna Chambers of Harrisville is being charged by Venango County authorities with harassment and vandalism after an incident in Irwin Township. It’s alleged that Chambers attacked another woman inside the victim’s boyfriend’s residence and then smashed the windshield and rear window of the victim’s PT Cruiser.


University Faculty Union Approves New Contract

The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties has nearly unanimously approved of a new four year employment contract with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  The contract needs to be approved by the state system’s board of directors before the new contract is made public in full.