News Live 365: November 14th, 2019

Crashes with Deer on the Rise

It’s the time of year where PennDOT records the most traffic accidents involving deer on the roads and highways of the state. Last year in Northwest Pennsylvania PennDOT recorded 469 crashes involving deer; 102 of them involved major human injury and four others resulted in death. During this time of year when deer are most active and road conditions are often less than ideal always remember to slow down and use caution – especially in posted animal crossings, increase the following distance between vehicles to at least three car lengths, and always wear your seat belt.


Hunters Should Watch for Chronic Wasting Disease

Also related to deer, the Department of Agriculture is warning hunters to watch for signs of Chronic Wasting Disease and use caution when handling their kills. While there has been no evidence that Chronic Wasting Disease can affect humans its still recommended to not shoot, handle, or eat meat, from animals that look sick or weak. It’s also recommended that hunters use latex or rubber gloves when dressing a kill to help avoid transmission of any other pathogens the animal may carry. Archery deer hunting runs until the 29th and rifle season begins on November 30th.