News Live 365: November 1st, 2019

ACA Insurance Market Opens

Open enrollment on the Federal Insurance Marketplace for health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act begins today. Though the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is taking steps to create its own marketplace in the future, it’s currently still a part of the federal marketplace this year. There is however, an online tool provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance to help compare policies that can be found at


Deadline for Absentee Ballots Today

Election Day is coming up on next Tuesday, November 5th, and for those planning to cast an absentee ballot this is the last day for them to be submitted. In order for your absentee ballots to be counted for the 2019 election they must arrive at your county election office by 5PM this afternoon.


Natural Gas Prices Decrease

National Fuel has announced another price decrease for natural gas in the 4th quarter of 2019. The price of natural gas will decrease by 2.85% starting today, representing a monthly decrease of $1.95 for the average household bill. Also, registration for this year’s LIHEAP program to help families pay for heating costs is going on now.