News Live 365: October 24th, 2019

Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident

A fatal accident in Clarion County took the life of a 44 year old motorcycle enthusiast. Thomas Zenewicz lost his life in a collision with a guardrail on Highway 338 in Richmond Township.It’s indicated he was not wearing a helmet when he was sent flying for 35 feet after the initial crash.


DUI Charges for Man who Destroyed Phone Pole

State Police based in Meadville arrested Larry Hailsham of Pittsburgh and charged him with DUI after he destroyed a utility pole in Crawford County. Hailsham completely severed the pole on Pennsylvania Avenue in Vernon Township when he drove his Volkswagen Passat into it at high speed.


Trump and Biden hold PA Rallies

The President of the United States and a former Vice President both attended campaign events in Pennsylvania yesterday. President Donald Trump was in Pittsburgh to speak about energy policy at the Shale Insight Conference in Pittsburgh. Former Vice President Joe Biden held a rally in Scranton as part of his presidential campaign where he talked about his plan to enrich and expand the middle class.