News Live 365: October 17th, 2019

Man Flees Scene of Franklin DUI Crash

Police in the city of Franklin arrested Mark Boal early Tuesday morning after he fled the scene of an accident allegedly caused by his drunk driving. Authorities say Boal crashed into a parked car while intoxicated and then climbed a fence to run from the scene, but was discovered soon after. Boal’s license was already suspended after a prior DUI and he told officers he fled because he was very drunk and scared of the consequences.


Millions in Grants Awarded to Clarion County Town

The Clarion County town of St. Petersburg is the recipient of a $4.4 million grant from PENNVEST for its drinking water project. The money will be used to replace a 50 year old water treatment plant, over a mile of water pipes, and connections to dozens of fire hydrants around the borough.


Only Weeks Left to Vote Absentee

With November 5th just around the corner, Pennsylvania’s acting Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar is reminding those planning to vote absentee that you have only 2 weeks left. Absentee ballots must be acquired by the 29th of October and arrive completed at your county election office by 5PM on November 1st to be counted. You can now request an absentee ballot online at or at your county election office