News Live 365: September 24th, 2019

Rocky Grove Man Charged for Child Fight

A 51 year old Rocky Grove man is facing charges of endangering the welfare of children and disorderly conduct from an incident in early September. According to the Sugarcreek Police Department, Danny Baker encouraged two boys to fight and did nothing to stop them which lead to one boy eventually suffering a concussion. The boys themselves entered into the fight by mutual agreement and have been charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct.


Edinboro’s Al Stone Fall Lecture Series Begins Thursday

Edinboro University’s Al Stone Fall Lecture Series begins on Thursday September 26th. For the next 5 weeks a new lecture from a past or present Edinboro Professor will be open to the public for free in The Diebold Center for performing arts at 9:30AM. Anthropologists Dr. Lenore Barbian will present Thursday’s first lecture about prehistoric evidence for cannibalism. Here’s the full schedule for the Fall 2019 Al Stone Lecture Series:

  • Sept. 26: “The Raw and the Cooked: Prehistoric evidence for cannibalism” – Presenter: Dr. Lenore Barbian is a widely published forensic anthropologist. Prior to joining the Edinboro University faculty, Dr. Barbian served as curator of the Anatomical Collections at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C.
  • Oct. 3: “Songs That Disarm and Charm: Traditional children’s songs From Erie’s newest Americans” – Presenter: Hear a few of the almost 100 songs collected by Kelly Armor, how they bond parents and children and how they are powerful weapons against bigotry and injustice. Kelly Armor is a musician, ethnomusicologist and Folk Art Director at Erie Arts & Culture. She has been working with refugee artists who have resettled in Erie since 2003.
  • Oct. 10 – “The Unprecedented Migration of the 21st Century: Humanitarian and civil liberty challenges for nations everywhere, including the U.S. Presenter: Dr. Robert Rhodes, professor emeritus of political science at Edinboro University.
  • Oct. 17: “Climate Change” – Presenter: Director Emeritus John Vanco led the Erie Art Museum for 49 years. He has been the artistic director of the Erie Blues and Jazz Festival for the past 27 years and a leading board member of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council. Early in his distinguished career in Erie County, he introduced early childhood and refugee-based programs.
  • Oct. 24: “Pro Patria Mori: Poetry and the Great War” – Presenter: Professor Don Sheehy is one of the premier scholars of Robert Frost. Widely published, his current project, “The Letters of Robert Frost,” is being published in ­five volumes. Two volumes have been published by Harvard University Press.


Pittsburgh Medical Mystery Kills at Least Three

At least three people are dead and four others hospitalized after some kind of unknown medical incident in the south side of Pittsburgh over the weekend. All seven victims were wearing orange wristbands and authorities are trying to track down the event or party they attended.The victims share no other connections.