One man is in custody while another is being sought by Butler Township police on weapons charges after an incident last week.  Nicholas Heath and Eric Deem, both of Butler, are accused of shooting a gun off Evans Road Friday afternoon in a posted, wooded area.  The two fled when police arrived and the 47-year-old Deem was taken into custody.  Anyone with information on the 39-year-old Heath’s whereabouts is asked to contact police.

The Commonwealth is offering a new way for voters to apply online for an absentee ballot.  The new site, votesPA-dot-com-backslash-apply-absentee, went live yesterday, which was the first day registered voters could apply toward the November 5th election.  The prior process to apply for absentee ballots was arranged in 1937, which state officials say was becoming more and more of a challenge to work with.  For now, the online absentee ballot application will require either a PennDOT driver license or ID number in order to be processed, but it is expected that by next year a PennDOT number won’t be necessary.

Pittsburgh is receiving a visit this week by one of the 2020 presidential candidates.  Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is making a campaign stop at Stack’d Oakland on Forbes Avenue.  The Pittsburgh Meet and Greet is set for Wednesday at 6:30 in the evening.  It will mark Klobuchar’s first campaign visit in Pittsburgh.

Charges are pending against a Mars High School student who’s accused of making threats against fellow students.  School officials canceled after-school activities as a precaution yesterday after the threats were found in a restroom and in an email.  Police say the threats were not credible.

A Beaver County teenager is recovering from injuries suffered when he was zapped with a taser during a fight.  Ambridge police say the 14-year-old boy was shocked on Friday when a brawl broke out after a high school football game.  An officer used the stun gun when the teen was accused of carrying a gun and would not show his hands.  The boy suffered facial injuries when he fell to the ground.

According to this week’s Triple-A East Central Gas Price report the average price of gasoline across Western Pennsylvania is a penny higher this week at $2.75 per gallon. In New Castle drivers are paying 2.65 a gallon while in Sharon the price is ten cents more at 2.75. The national price remained the same at 2.56 a gallon but price are expected to go higher after Saudi Arabia experienced drone attacks on two major oil facilities. A year ago drivers in Western Pennsylvania were paying 3.12 a gallon.

A man from New Brighton is found guilty by a jury for a drug overdose death in 2017.  Last week, 29-year-old Robert Goosby was found guilty of providing a deadly dose of a fentanyl-mix drug to 22-year-old Jonathan Levitt.  He died in the basement of his home in North Fayette Township.  Goosby was also charged in the death of 33-year-old Jeffrey Haslett, who died within a few weeks of Levitt.  Goosby is facing up to 40-years in prison when sentenced.

Giant Eagle is asking its customers to not open-carry weapons in their grocery stores.  In a statement from the Pittsburgh-based grocer Friday, the chain said while they respect the rights of each individual who chooses to shop there, they recognize other shoppers may be concerned when someone other than law enforcement is visibly carrying a weapon.  The company updated the policy saying they would prefer customers not openly carry inside any of their locations or affiliated stores.

A man from Beaver County is admitting to a scam to sell more than 57-hundred fake Viagra and Cialis pills.  Rahnon Carter entered the plea Friday after investigators found thousands of pills in his possession in late 2016.  Carter faces up to a year in prison during his January 2020 sentencing.