News Live 365: August 2nd, 2019

Year old Arson Case Still Unsolved

PSP Erie
On September 21st of last year an unidentified white male wearing dark clothing, a hat, and a face obscuring bandanna broke into Lakeside Tavern in Waterford around 4AM and set it on fire. State Police officers based in Erie are still investigating the case nearly a year later and urge anyone who may have any information at all to call them at (814)898-1641.


Clarion Hospital to Join Butler Health System

Clarion Healthcare System and Butler Healthcare System officially signed an agreement yesterday to integrate with each other. Pending approval from Pennsylvania’s Department of Health and the Attorney General, Clarion Hospital and all its affiliates will become part of Butler Healthcare System. It was also announced yesterday that Clarion Hospital received a $1,000,000 grant for renovations to its emergency room.


Woman Charged with Urinating on Produce

Radio PA
If you thought licking ice cream was bad, a Pennsylvania woman from West Mifflin is facing criminal charges for urinating on a bin of potatoes. Grace Brown turned herself into authorities after video of her relieving herself on bags of potatoes at an Allegheny County Wal-Mart was turned in to police. She faces charges of Criminal Mischief, Open Lewdness, and Public Drunkenness.