News Live 365: July 30th, 2019

Racial Intimidation Charges for Kennerdell Man

PSP Franklin
A Kennerdell man faces multiple charges after allegedly threatening and firing a firearm near an ethnic family. 61 year old Mark Rauenswinter is charged with Ethnic Intimidation and Simple Assault after authorities allege he confronted a family in Brandon Acres without provocation to shout racial slurs, make threats, and fire a .357 magnum pistol into the air. He’s being held on $25,000 cash bond until his preliminary hearing in court.


Warrants Served on Weedville Woman

PSP Clarion
A 32 year old Weedville Pennsylvania woman is in Clarion County Jail for marijuana possession.
During a DUI traffic stop she was found to be in possession of prescription pills that didn’t belong to her and marijuana. Authorities discovered two warrants for her arrest after she was taken into custody.


Saturday Mass Shooting in Western Pennsylvania

Radio PA
A mass shooting in Pennsylvania on Saturday was overshadowed by events in California. Early Saturday morning four people were wounded, one critically, when a man named Anderson Dwayne Gregg opened fire with a rifle at two separate locations in Uniontown, a few miles south of Pittsburgh. His victims included two men and two women.