News Live 365: July 22nd, 2019

The City of Franklin Police Department arrested Brandon Smith and Earl Breckenridge for possession of methamphetamine and other crimes after a traffic stop near 1AM Friday morning. An officer was serving a traffic ticket when he noticed Smith showed signs of drug use and after a sobriety test took him in for DUI. A search of Smith and his vehicle revealed two bags of methamphetamine, Breckenridge was arrested for an outstanding warrant and was later found in possession of a large amount of the drug.


52 year old Melanie Foster of Hadley was taken into custody for DUI after a crash in Union Township, Crawford County. Foster admitted to police she had been drinking when she drove her vehicle straight into a ditch off of Mercer Pike at about 6:45PM on Thursday the 18th and failed a sobriety test.


PennDOT’s District 1 Work Schedule includes lane and parking restrictions on Atlantic Avenue in Franklin for repaving. You can find a full work schedule on our website here.


An Oil City man became a case study in why you should not drive through standing water on roads. When William Hards attempted to drive across a flooded area of Route 8 in Venango County’s Cornplanter Township; he was lucky to avoid injury when an unseen current in the water slammed his SUV into a utility pole.


A new law has come into effect to protect a good Samaritan from liabilities stemming from damaging a vehicle to remove a child from a hot car. Before breaking into a vehicle the rescuer must make an attempt to contact the vehicle’s owner and then inform authorities before they damage the vehicle. Only a certified first responder such as a police officer, firefighter, or EMT can break into a vehicle to rescue a pet.


The Pennsylvania State Senate approved a measure to allow hunting on three Sundays a year in the commonwealth. One day each for archery and rifle hunting during deer season, and a third day to be decided by the game commission.