News Live 365: July 19th, 2019

Erie Man Charged with Arson in Venango County

PSP Franklin
31 year old Eric Copeland of Erie is charged with Burglary and Arson from an incident in Venus. Authorities allege that Copeland was arguing with a woman at her residence and then barricaded himself in her bedroom and started a fire under the belief she was going to hurt him. Copeland left and entered another woman’s home, wherein he also barricaded himself in a bedroom.


Loose Dogs Kill Goats, Menace Children

PSP Clarion
An unnamed 25 year old woman faces criminal charges after her two dogs went lose in Clarion County’s Beaver Township. The loose dogs became aggressive and trapped a woman and her two kids inside a barn. The dogs also killed a goat belonging to that same family.


Jamestown Gets $2.16 Million for Sewer Project

Office of PA Rep Parke Wentling
The borough of Jamestown is the recipient of just over $2 million in PENNVEST grants and loans to help upgrade their sewage system. The upgrades will benefit people in both Crawford and Mercer County and include but are not limited to nearly doubling the size of their facility and replacing many parts.


Stay Safe in Extreme Heat

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory beginning at 12 noon on today, July 19th, until 8PM Saturday July 20th. A large area of high pressure will cause high heat and humidity that will push 90 degree temperatures into the equivalent of 100 degrees or more for the next two days. To prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion be sure to have plenty of cool water available to drink and try to avoid strenuous activity during peak daytime hours if you’re outside. If you can; check on your friends, family, and neighbors, to ensure their health and pay special attention to children and the elderly as they are more susceptible to extreme temperatures. Keep your pets indoors as much as possible and provide them with plenty of cool or room temperature water, do not give your pets frozen treats or ice water as it does not help them cool down. If you are traveling do not leave your pets or children unattended in your vehicle for any period of time.