News Live 365: June 26th, 2019

No Injuries in Three Car Collision

PSP Franklin
There were no injuries reported after a three car collision in Sugarcreek Monday afternoon. Crash scene investigators say that 85 year old James Doran of Franklin caused the accident on the intersection of Rocky Grove Avenue and Phillips Drive when made he a sudden turn across the road in front of an incoming vehicle. The other driver swerved, but was unable to avoid colliding with Doran and a third vehicle parked at a stop sign.


UPMC and Highmark Strike Healthcare Deal

Office of Governor Tom Wolf
Pennsylvania’s two largest health insurers, UPMC and Highmark, have made a last minute deal to end their dispute and work together for the next 10 years. The deal ensures that Highmark insurance customers will have full access to every facility in UPMC’s network of hospitals, clinics, and other treatment centers for the next 10 years starting July 1st.


Increasing Voter Participation is Aim of Two Senate Bills

Radio PA
The Pennsylvania Senate approved two bills yesterday that could make huge changes to state’s elections in an attempt to make them less partisan. The first bill would open up the primary elections so that independent voters could vote for candidates from either the Republican or Democratic parties. The second bill would eliminate the straight party voting option at the front of general election ballot.