News Live 365: June 21st

Spilled Scrap Damages Dozens of Cars

Pennsylvania State Police
Read carefully if you are one of dozens of motorists who may have had tires damaged in an incident yesterday. On Thursday June 20th a commercial vehicle hauling scrap metal departed from Titusville on its way to Warren with a faulty rear seal on the container. The truck accidentally scattered bits of metal while traveling east on Main Street in Titusville, east on Enterprise Road (SR 27), North on SR27, and then East Route 6 into Warren. The route took the vehicle in or near Titusville, Pleasantville, Grand Valley, Torpedo, Garland, Youngsville, Starbrick, and Warren. If you suffered a punctured or flat tire on this route call Metalico, Attention Pam Bright at (814)363-6873 ext. 23.


Edit: A typo lead to the original story stating the incident happened on Thursday May 20th, it was a mistake that has been corrected.