News Live 365: June 20th, 2019

High Speed Chase Through Franklin Ends in Arrest

City of Franklin Police
A high speed chase through the city of Franklin yesterday ended in the arrest of a man identified as Cody Blair. A Franklin City Patrol Officer reported that he attempted to stop Blair on Meadville Pike and was obligated to pursue him through town, sometimes exceeding 120 miles per hour. Blair eventually lost control, crashing and rolling his vehicle on Old Franklin Pike Road, and attempted to flee on foot and had to be disabled with a TASER before the arrest could be made.


Marsy’s Law Heads to Governor Wolf

Radio PA
A package of legislation known as Marsy’s Law or the Victim’s Bill of Rights is now being sent to the desk of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Marsy’s Law could change the State Constitution and so with the Governor’s Signature will go to a referendum vote where residents will get the final word in November of either 2019 or 2020.


PA House Votes to Kill General Cash Assistance

Radio PA
Despite a Pennsylvania Supreme Court finding the State House of Representatives voted yesterday in favor of a bill to end the General Assistance welfare program by a slim 106 to 95 margin. The program was reinstated by Governor Wolf and provides short term cash benefits to needy residents such as victims of domestic abuse.