News Live 365: June 13th, 2019

Teenagers Injured in ATV Crash

PSP Meadville
Three teenagers were injured when they lost control of an ATV on Shellenberger Road in Fairfield Township Crawford County. One boy and two girls were hospitalized with one young woman flown to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for reported leg and arm injuries. Authorities say the 15 year old driver lost control of the four wheeler they were all riding and the vehicle flipped on them. Safety experts warn you should always wear a helmet and other applicable safety gear when operating an ATV and never exceed its passenger limit.


Thurston Classic Arrives Today

This week is the Thurston Classic Balloon Festival that we always look forward to and with expected rough weather for today there may be some changes for Thursday’s Thurston Classic Events. Keep listening to the radio and the news for any changes, any changes in the schedule will be announced after 2PM so keep listening to Thurston Classic updates on Froggy, Majic, and Rocky.


Senate Committee Approves Municipal Traffic RADAR

Radio PA
The Senate Transportation Committee gave initial approval to a measure to allow local police forces to enforce speed limits with RADAR. A similar bill was approved last year but was not passed by the legislature. Pennsylvania is the last remaining state that only allows State Police units to enforce speed with RADAR. The bill is sponsored by Republican Senator Mario Scavello and also includes a cap on the amount of money from tickets that can be used to fund police forces.