News Live 365: June 12th, 2019

State Police Fraud Alert

Pennsylvania State Police
The Pennsylvania State Police main office has issued a fraud alert affecting anyone on a law enforcement registry. Victims receive a phone call from an individual claiming to be a law enforcement officer who claims they are not compliant with their registry requirements and attempting to collect money under the guise of a fine. Police do not solicit anyone on a registry for monetary compensation to gain compliance with registrations. If you have been the target or victim of such fraudulent activity call your local state police station.


PA House Approves State Insurance Market

Radio PA, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Yesterday Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed House Bill 3, approving the creation of a health insurance exchange market run by the state. The bill now goes to the Senate for discussion and debate. Proponents of the bill point out that joining the Federal Exchange costs $85 million to $95 million a year for Pennsylvania to be a part of. They also state it could lower premiums for PA residents by as much as 10%