News Live 365: June 5th, 2019

Townville Man Robbed at Knife Point Escapes Attacker

PSP Corry
Naked and beaten, Zachary Mihailoff of managed to escape from a robbery at knife point and summon authorities. Shortly after midnight on Monday Zachary was on his way to visit a friend and ended up in the wrong apartment where he was attacked and held at knife point by Michael Smiley of Union City who took his clothes, money, and cell phone. Troopers from the Corry State Police barracks arrested Smiley a short time later; he’s been charged with Simple and Aggravated Assault, theft, robbery, and harassment.


PA House Advanced Breast Milk Bill

Office of Rep. Donna Oberlander
Human milk banks could become a real thing in Pennsylvania after the state’s House of Representative approved a bill to establish licensed facilities for storage and distribution of breast milk for hospitals and homes. According to the bill’s sponsor Donna Oberlander one benefit of donor breast milk is it’s like a life saving medicine to premature and low birth weight babies and can prevent serious gastrointestinal problems that require dangerous and invasive surgeries.