News Live 365: May 15th, 2019

PA Sues Oxycontin Producer

Radio PA ans the Office of PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro
Yesterday, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, filed a lawsuit against the Perdue corporation, joining 38 other states in filing suits. Pennsylvania’s suit in particular targets Perdue by accusing it of lying in their marketing campaign about the addictive qualities of Oxycontin and even telling medical professionals about a fake condition called pseudo-addiction which was to be treated with more Oxycontin. Aggressive sales tactics and misinformation campaigns by pharmaceutical companies is one of the most oft cited causes of the opioid crisis that kills 12 Pennsylvanians every day.


PA House Passes Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

Radio PA
By a margin of 117 to 76 Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives passed a bill to make it illegal to abort a pregnancy based on an in utero diagnosis of Down Syndrome. The bill now heads to the Senate, where similar legislation failed to pass last year. Proponents of the bill say it prevents discrimination against pregnancies based off of the fetus having an extra chromosome, and most opponents said it violates a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a baby.