News Live 365: May 14th, 2019

Police Search for Suspect Vehicle

PSP Clarion
State Police in Clarion County are looking for a red 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander with PA license plates JTS9711. The vehicle was being driven during an incident where a male suspect allegedly exposed himself to at least one woman on South 5th Avenue in the city of Clarion last Tuesday. Anyone with information please call (814)226-1710.


State Legislative Committees Hard at Work

Radio PA
The Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee just gave its initial approval to a bill that would prevent insurance companies from discriminating against live organ donors. It’s called The Living Donor Protection Act and it would make it illegal for insurance companies to refuse coverage to someone donating an organ such as a kidney or part of their liver to someone else. It also directs the state to develop and distribute information about live organ and tissue donations.
The Education Committee approved a measure of its own to require charter schools to be more in line with the ethical and financial requirements met by public schools. Among those standards is the requirement for an audit committee to review an annual certified independent audit.