News Live 365: May 10th, 2019

Carjacking in Crawford County

PSP Meadville
Pennsylvania State Police from Meadville are reporting a carjacking along Route 98 in Crawford County. An unidentified white male took Robert Merrit of Saegertown’s car by gunpoint at around 6:00 AM on Thursday May 9th and was last seen driving south through Crawford County’s Vernon Township, he was accompanied by a white female. The vehicle is a red 2012 Chrysler 300 sedan with the PA license plate number KBT1637 and a Harley Davidson vanity plate on the front bumper. If you encounter this vehicle call the State Police and do not contact the operator as they are considered armed and dangerous. If you have information contact the Meadville State Police Department at (814)332-6911.


Man Killed in Wednesday Crash

PSP Meadville
Authorities are not identifying the 70 year old man killed in a single car crash on Wednesday at 5PM. The man was driving along Route 285 in Greenwood Township, Crawford County and was not wearing a seatbelt when they exited the highway and traveled 645 feet offroad colliding with several obstacles and ending up in a creek.


Authorities Search for Hit and Run Vehicle in Clarion County

PSP Clarion
In Clarion County State Police officers are looking for a green or grey Jeep Grand Cherokee involved in a hit and run on Limeplant road in Perry Township Monday. The vehicle fled the scene of a collision with front end damage severe enough to cause radiator fluid to leak on the highway surface. Please call Clarion State Police at (814)226-1710 if you have information that can help.


Legislature Weighs Creation of PA Insurance Exchanges

Radio PA
Jessica Altman, Pennsylvania’s State Insurance Commissioner testified before the House of Representatives about the impact of creating an insurance exchange in the commonwealth. During her testimony Altman said having our own state run exchange could reduce premiums by as much as 10% State wide and called the federal exchanges inefficient and hard to navigate.