News Live 365: May 9th, 2019

Police say that a 48 year old woman at Tiitusville Hospital with a gunshot wound was shot accidently.  According to the victim and her partner a bullet struck her in the shoulder as a black powder revolver was being removed from a filing cabinet and went off for unknown reasons.


A Sentry brand safe was stolen from a home on Conneautville’s Washington Street last night. Between 11pm and midnight an unknown actor or actors entered the unlocked house and removed the safe which contained $2,500, a Glock pistol, and other miscellaneous items. Call the Meadville State Police at (814)332-6911 if you may have information about the theft.


In State News the electricity producer Exelon Generation has announced that on September the 30th the nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island will officially close. The power plant’s main structures and large cooling towers will remain standing vacant until at least 2074 and all of the plant’s 675 employees will be furloughed.


At around 5:00PM on Monday the theft of equipment from Conneaut Valley Girls Softball was reported to the State Police. Between May 4th and May 6th someone broke into a storage unit at Lord Mason Memorial Park and stole equipment used by the team for practice and play. If you have information please call (814)332-6911.


Congratulations to Jamestown Area Junior Senior High School student John DeMarco for becoming the recipient of this years House of Representatives Scholarship. The Scholarship pays for one semester a year at any University in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.


Private and parochial schools across the commonwealth are asking Pennsylvania State Legislators to include them in eligibility for security grants. The state maintains a $60 million a year fund to improve safety in public schools and students and staff of private schools held a rally in the capitol for a chance at those grants for their facilities. Jewish schools are particularly concerned after attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh and San Diego.